Printed Meeting List


The printed meeting list is not the definitive meeting list: the definitive meeting list can be found online, by clicking this link.


District 42 suggests:

  • Printing out no more than 25-50 meeting lists per print run;
  • Using a laser printer or high quality ink jet printer for best results;
  • Having participants use the “My Phone Number” box to let members or new comers know how to contact others at their first meeting; and
  • Helping new (or current) members use the web-site for our most up to date listings

If the list does not fit into your pamphlet rack, it should be possible to fold it in half so it does.

District 42 may be willing to print some copies for you, or your group; please contact the registrar for more details.

If your printer is not able to print on both sides, you can print page one (the cover) first, then the other side.

PDF Format

This PDF has been generated for higher quality printing – you will need to print this out on both sides, flipped on the short edge: