Area 47 Assembly

Anyone in our district interested in experiencing an in person Area Assembly, this is one of two that are a close distance to us.

The business meeting starts at one o’clock, and continues until four o’clock. There are scheduled breaks and of course personal breaks when needed.

Dinner is at 5pm. They cook meats on gas grills and ask members to bring salads to share.

One district member’s personal experience is that to get the most out of the day, arrive at noon and stay for dinner at 5 pm. They felt like a junior high student at 12 noon, but by 5 pm they had a few new friends and an awesome feeling of belonging with loving human beings. The more Assemblies they went to, the more others had the courage to say hello to me. They thought they were the only shy one!

See Area 47’s link here.

Note: For further info, please contact the organisers of the assembly in District 47 via the web-site link above or their contact page here.

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